Know me…


Hi peeps! My name is Jaira which means “He will light up” in Hebrew. My mother told me that she took my name from the bible but it didn’t seem like it. lol.

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.

This is really my favorite quote and it really mean so much to me

Words that she love: admire, success, grow, accept, journey, let go, move on, believe, amazing.

Am I collecting books? Or I am a bookworm person? Which one is right? idk, guess it.
I love to take a picture for memories lol. I’m collecting memories 🤪
I will raise my flag. I am proud to be a Filipino. 🇵🇭


She often called ‘Jai’

Introvert. She preferred to stay at her house instead of going to the mall, or go somewhere.

-A dreamer
-A planner
– Want to learn how to play guitar
-Savage af
– Loves debate -Imaginative

She fights for equality and equity.

Someone called her a “Math Lord”, but she doesn’t considered herself like that.

-She collects words of wisdom for some random reasons
– She believed that everyday is a new day to change yourself, to grow and to accept yourself who ever you are.


If it’s hard, challenge yourself. If there’s no one wants to help you, help yourself. If you feel like you are in a lowest, get rest. All you need to do is to breath and help yourself to move and let go of the things that brought you in the hardest times of your lives. What ever happens, trust your guts and believe in yourself. You can do it!

Enjoy reading ❤